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What is an essential oil?

An essential oil is a substance that is extracted from the flowers, leaves, stems, roots, bark or seeds of a plant, usually by steam or water distillation, though carbon dioxide, hexane and fat extractions are also possible for some. It is the concentrated essence of the original medicinal plant, containing the molecular constructs of its therapeutic properties. Despite being called an oil, an essential oil is not 'oily' in consistency, its colour can vary from clear to dark brown. If exposed to air an essential oil may slowly evaporate and oxidize and lose its therapeutic value, therefore sunlight and heat are to be avoided for longevity of your essence.

What is a carrier oil?

A carrier oil is a plant oil press-extracted from the plant parts with higher fat content, often the kernels, seeds or nuts. Because of the concentrated nature of essential oils these carrier oils are used for dilution and 'carry' the desired essential oil properties safely into the skin. Carrier oils bring their own therapeutic benefits and which you choose may depend on your needs, as well as the essential oils you are planning to use. Generally speaking, carriers have a subtle aroma that does not interfere with essential oil therapy. For therapeutic purposes only buy cold-pressed or expeller-pressed virgin oils.

What exactly is an essential oil Pure Blend?

Pure Blend is the term we use at Absolute Essential for our therapeutic synergies made from a number of complementary essential oils. Combining essential oils in this way creates a greater therapeutic dynamic than the single oils alone. Pure Blends that are professionally crafted with high quality oils offer a safe, natural way to support the body through many issues of imbalance and ill-health. They can also be crafted to enhance natural balance and compliment many areas of daily life. The end result is a concentrate combination of essential oils, no dilution has taken place. This makes them ideal for diffusion and often for bath and inhalation. Or for massage with suitable dilution in a pure quality carrier oil. Pure Blends should only be used neat on the skin as per directions for each individual product.