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Are all Essential Oils safe in Pregnancy?

No. There are definitely some oils that should be avoided during pregnancy. Information on which ones does vary depending on your source. At Absolute Essential we have managed a specialist health clinic that includes a maternity and young families focus for over 15 years. Safety is a top priority and all our blends are very carefully researched. If you are pregnant we suggest that you use our Mother & Child web directory to see which essential oils are recommended and beneficial to you. All the products in that section contain guidelines for very safe usage.

At Absolute Essential all products that are safe for pregnancy and maternity carry the Mother & Child symbol. If the symbol is on a product that is not specifically in the M&C range the recommendation is a half dose or less.

At what age can I start using your baby care products?

You can start the products from around 3 weeks. Our recommendation is to dilute them by 50% with a pure quality carrier oil until around three months. This is for extra safety and because the newborn system is much more receptive and really only requires a tiny amount.

At what age can I start to use essential oils on my children?

On our website all essential oils that are mild enough for use during pregnancy and on children carry the Mother & Child symbol. We recommend a half dose for children from 3yr upwards. For younger children we suggest ¼ the amount. As babies are very sensitive to everything, the only essential oils which we recommend are pure Rose, Lavender & Chamomile Roman. In general it is safer and simpler to use ready-made baby blends from a source that you trust.